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Steps To Take Before We Pick Up Your Vehicle

There are a series of steps that you need to take before Suburban Auto arrives to pick up your vehicle.

These steps include:

These steps are important because they will help you prepare for the initial and final inspections of your vehicle, which will be conducted by the auto movers.

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The Initial Inspection

The initial inspection of your vehicle will take place when the auto movers come to pick up your vehicle. The point of this inspection is to detail any damages already on your vehicle, so that it can be compared against the final inspection report. At this time the auto movers, and yourself if you choose, will perform a thorough search of your vehicle to determine its current condition and to make note of any damages found on the vehicle. Suburban offers a Vehicle Condition Report form that you may download, complete and leave a photocopy of this report in the auto for the transport driver.  If there are any undocumented damages or flaws not on the vehicle condition report completed by the owner or trustee of the transported vehicle, Suburban will contact the vehicle owner or trustee to discuss the discretions before pick-up of the vehicle is complete.

The Final Inspection

The final inspection of your vehicle will take place when Suburban Transporters drop off your vehicle. The point of this inspection is to detail any damages that may have occurred during transport. Transportation of your vehicle is usually a very painless process, not common for damages to occur during transport. However, it is still important for both parties to follow the inspection process to ensure that your rights and the shipping company’s rights are adequately protected.

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